Myrkur streaming new song “Gudernes Vilje”

Posted by on March 3, 2020

Myrkur’s new album, Folkesange, will be released on March 20th via Relapse Records. Today (03), the artist has shared the third single from the upcoming release with “Gudernes Vilje,” which translates to “The Will of the Gods.” The track features a number of instruments including piano, violin, mandola, and cello.

Myrkur comments: 

“I wrote this song about being given the biggest gift in life and then having it taken away from you. ‘Alt går som Gudernes Vilje’ means Everything goes according to the will of the Gods. We are only human and some of the biggest most important things in this life, are completely out of our control.”

Listen to the song below and pre-order the album here:


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