Mutoid Man give you a 1000 Yard Stare

Posted by on June 9, 2015

The more we hear of the debut Mutoid Man full length, Bleeder, the more we’re loving it. Just the combination of Cave In’s Stephen Brodsky and Converge’s Ben Koller (along with Saint Vitus’ sound dude Nick Cageao), alone guarantees a good time, but the songs are even tighter and at a more breakneck speed than their debut EP Helium Head. It’s like if Converge wrote pop songs, or Cave  In was on a lot more cheap trucker speed. Either way, another new song, “1000 Yard Stare,” premiered earlier today on Loudwire, and it accomplishes more in two minutes and 20 seconds than some bands to in their entire discographies. Check it out below, and be sure to pick up  Bleeder when it hits stores on June 30 on Sargent House. In fact, you can pre-order it here.

Here’s what the band said about the track:

“It’s a song about being pissed that you can’t get through to someone,” says Brodsky. “Imagine trying to talk to one of those underwater corpses in the dead marshes from ‘Return of the King.’” Cageao adds, “’1000 Mile Stare’ is a heartboner-inducing nose breaker, with hooks that would make Kanye jealous.”

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