Metallica And Lou Reed Streaming ‘Lulu’ In Its Entirety Online

Posted by on October 19, 2011

Late Tuesday night, Metallica and Lou Reed posted 30 second samples of each track off of their collaborative album Lulu. We figured at the time that we’d have to wait till the album’s release date (November 1) to hear the entire album itself. Well so much for waiting, because Lulu is being streamed in its entirety over at LouReedMetallica.com.

That’s right, no more thirty second clips. Now you can hear not one, but all thirteen tracks from Lulu online less than two weeks before its release. At the moment, it’s unclear how long it will be online, but as of now it can only be streamed at LouReedMetallica.com. So head over to the site now and give the most unusual collaboration of the year a listen (at least to find out if there’s a better song than “The View” on the album).

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