Metallica And Lou Reed Post 30 Second Samples Of Each Song On ‘Lulu’

Posted by on October 19, 2011

Lulu (30-second Samples) by Lou Reed & Metallica

You may have noticed yesterday that Amazon.de posted 30 second samplers of each song off of Metallica and Lou Reed’s collaborative album Lulu. While the samples were immediately removed from Amazon, Metallica and Reed decided to let fans hear the samples anyway via Soundcloud.

Now even though we’re getting to hear 30 seconds of each song off of Lulu, it’s still only 30 seconds. Thus, it’s unfair to give a true critique of the material. However, those 30 seconds are still pretty strong indicators that if you didn’t like “The View,” then you’re probably not going to like the rest of the album. There are some solid riffs in the samples of songs like “Pumping Blood” and “Mistress Dread,” but like “The View,” Reed sounds really out of place.

Again, though, it’s only 30 seconds of each song. We’ll just have to wait till November 1 to hear Lulu in its entirety and to properly judge. Regardless, give the samples a listen for yourself in the Soundcloud player above.

Update: 30 second clips? HA! Now you can stream Lulu in its entirety online!

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