You can now see Pallbearer’s “I Saw the End” from the beginning

Posted by on March 6, 2017

It’s been a while since a band’s third album was as anticipated as Pallbearer’s Heartless. The current standard-bearers of doom have took a big step up from Sorrow and Extinction to Foundations of Burden, so the bar is set pretty high for the new album, out on March 24th on Profound Lore. They released “Thorns” from the album, which was a nice first taste of it, and earlier today, they released “I Saw the End,” a second track from the seven-track album. It’s obviously doomy, but like “Thorns,” is somewhat short for a Pallbearer song. It’s also got just enough prog to it to bring in, say, a Tool fan that never heard the band before.

Heartless is out on March 24th on Profound Lore and can be preordered here



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