Kylesa, Cancer Bats, Ulver on Black Sabbath tribute album

Posted by on December 19, 2014

Cleopatra Records has made put out some pretty interesting tribute albums in the past. The last one we remember is the sort of funny in theory but not super easy to listen to Thriller – a Tribute to Michael Jackson. Many of the label’s other releases are tributes produced by onetime KISS guitarist Bob Kulick, and while there’s a common thread amongst them, many of them are by studio creations, like throwing Alice Cooper in a studio with John 5 and Billy Sheehan for a cover of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.” That’s why we’re pretty excited about the forthcoming release from Cleopatra that’s a Black Sabbath tribute album.

Unlike many of the other tribute albums Cleopatra has released, this one seems like it has a common theme running throughout it, aside from just the artist. All of the bands on it seem to be stoner/sludge bands, and they’re all relatively from active touring and recording bands. Here’s the lineup and track listing, which Kylesa let out of the bag via their Facebook page:

Wo Fat – “The Warning“
Stoned Jesus – “The Writ“
Death Hawks – “Hand Of Doom“
House Of Broken Promises – “Lady Evil“
Scorpion Child – “Hole In The Sky“
Mos Generator – “Dirty Women“
Machuca – “Planet Caravan“
Ulver – “Solitude“
Cancer Bats – “Into The Void“
Witch Mountain – “Sleeping Village“
Solace – “Electric Funeral“
Pentagram – “Tomorrow’s Dream“
Kylesa – “Paranoid“
Bloody Hammers – “Changes“


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