Hear Gojira on new Highly Suspect song “SOS”

Posted by on November 6, 2019

Highly Suspect’s new album MCID was released this past Friday (1st). This marks the group’s overall third full-length record as they continue to experiment using just about any style of music they enjoy, such as rock, hip-hop, pop, and metal. What sparked our interest in this particular album was their collaboration with Gojira. While we expected the track to maintain Highly Suspect’s style, we did assume there would be heavier Gojira elements in the song “SOS.” Overall, the tune takes you on a bizarre journey and leaves you with more bewilderment than excitement. On the plus side, Highly Suspect are genuine risk-takers as they follow their own rules and do whatever it is necessary to make music they adore. Second, they like Gojira. MCID is available now, and you can grab your copy here

Listen to “SOS” featuring Gojira below:

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