Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta pens tribute to Howard Stern Show’s Jon Hein

Posted by on September 21, 2017

Back in the ’80s Jon Hein coined the term “jump the shark,” referring to an episode of Happy Days in which Fonzie waterskiied over a shark. Referring to the moment where a TV show starts to decline in quality, Hein made a website of the same name devoted to describing the point where multiple TV shows go downhill, eventually selling the site to TV Guide for more than $1 million. He’s since moved on to the Howard Stern Show, where he co-hosts the Wrap Up Show. Hein has another catch phrase to go with “jump the shark,” as listeners and fans have taken to saying “hit ’em with the Hein.” It’s basically a variation of “baba booey,” and is being yelled at sporting events and newscasts. It’s also now the title of a song written by Stern fan and Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta.

Jasta, a fan of Stern’s, has also become a broadcaster, as his podcast The Jasta Show has become one of metal’s more popular podcasts, and his background as the host of Headbangers Ball has also gotten him comfortable with interviews. He’s also metaled up themes for radio before, with his “Stat of the Week” for sportscaster Dan Patrick. Since the Stern show often uses listener submissions and song parodies on the air, Jasta’s “Hit Em With The Hein” is a natural.  Here’s what he says about it:

“Jasta have released a special song called “Hit Em With The Hein.” The short track is a tribute to a special saying from the Howard Stern Show that refers to one of the show’s many personalities, Jon Hein. Hein is a contributor to the show, as well as the host of the Howard Stern SiriusXM channel’s ‘Wrap Up Show.’ He is also known for creating the website and coining the phrase “jump the shark” to refer to the moment when a television show begins to go “downhill” in quality. Jamey Jasta is a big fan of the show and decided to metal things up with the saying that is now becoming quite commonplace.”

Check it out below.

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