Denis Shaforostov was officially named the new Asking Alexandria vocalist in May of this year. Before that, he was in a band called Down & Dirty, and  did guest vocals on a track for a band called Forever In Combat, back in 2013. Down & Dirty later signed with Sumerian in December of 2014, and apparently the label is trying to keep that Forever In Combat track from being released.

Well, Forever In Combat ain’t having that, having released the song on YouTube (available below) and posting this message via a Facebook:

“Fuck it, whatever anyone says we have the right to release this song and we will. We are not letting higher powers manipulate and push us around. We are fighting for what is right and just.

The transaction was made in October 2013, when Denis was in Down & Dirty. Back then, he had told us that they had not been signed yet. They were announced as a Sumerian band in December 2014, months after the deal was sealed.
We have no idea as to why they requested us to not release the song. It would have been surely understandable if they would issue a refund of the amount we have paid Denis back then, but they have no intention of doing that. Even though we collaborated with Denis prior to him being signed to Sumerian (or at least has claimed so to us).”

Though the band claims their management reached out to Sumerian Records, and say that the label reps haven’t been cooperative, and so the band has, “had enough and we are not the ones to accept injustice.”


(via Metal Hammer)