Shroud of Despondency from Michigan are gearing up for their latest cosmic black metal offering in collaboration with LanzerRath. This split EP, set to arrive tomorrow (10th). Rory Heikkila, the driving force behind Shroud of Despondency, channels personal loss and black metal influences into dark, emotionally charged melodies. The split builds on the themes explored in their 2016 full-length album, Of Origin, Conflict, and Recurrence,” depicting negative energies taking physical form and wreaking havoc. Today (9th), the group has teamed up with Metal Insider for an early EP stream.

Heikkila comments:

“Shroud of Despondency prides itself on being unpredictable and remains concerned only with the artistic process. While previous albums have focused primarily on dying, death, entropy, and the despair that comes with life, in its current state it is taking a more science-fiction approach to these topics. LanzerRath has been supportive of Shroud of Despondency in the past and I approached them about the idea of a split when I realized their music was good and they were also from Michigan. We were both, oddly enough, interested in doing something around the idea of cosmic terror, and the collaboration kind of just happened from that.”

Track List:

01) Shroud of Despondency – The Source of Multiversal Degradation
02) Shroud of Despondency – Celestial Vencom
03) LanzerRath – Nebular Collapse, The Dissolution of Order and Meaning