British punk band Hex Poseur is releasing their debut LP, Stunning, tomorrow (16th) via Manic Kat Records. The album draws inspiration from sludge metal while blending with Poseur’s initial punk-garage rock sound. Lyrically, the album addresses issues of celebrity worship culture and the sexualization of young women in Hollywood. Stunning is a dark concept record following the lead character fighting back against the toxic culture in Hollywood, where she’s fighting back against the oppressive, abusive, and ageist institution. Today (15th), the artist has teamed up with Metal Insider to stream the album ahead of its release. 


Hex comments:

“Young girls in Hollywood are like lambs to the slaughter – told they will be able to live their dreams, only to be exploited and groomed into a celebrity life. Then when they are seen as ‘too old’ they are cast aside in favour of somebody younger, leaving them damaged and unsure of who they are supposed to be. On the other side, it is also a personal insight into my own feelings of jealousy and longing I had as a child, wishing to be like young girls I saw on television. The title character of the album, ‘Baby’, is a young girl desperate for fame, doing anything she can to achieve her dreams, only to be groomed and taken advantage of by ‘the Beast’ (a representation of older men in the industry with lots of power).”


Listen to the record below and pre-order it here: