Devin Townsend announces Z2 guests, intention to take a break

Posted by on August 8, 2014

devin_townsendDevin Townsend is nothing if not prolific, even on Twitter. Last night in a series of Tweets, the musician revealed a bunch of information about the forthcoming Z2 double album that was crowd-funded.  Among the information were the guests on the albums. Former The Gathering vocalist Anneke van  Giersbergen will once again be performing with him, while Stolen Babies’ Dominque Lenore Persi and Fozzy frontman/wrestler Chris Jericho will be on the album as well. Theprp did a good job of throwing together all of his tweets, so here they are:

“pounding down the highway in Germany in my farty little bunk listening to Z2. I think I may have pulled it off, 2 disks. (plus bonus tracks) My focus was definitely Ziltoid. I really wanted to do that. DTP album was a struggle in some ways, but ended up good. A solid bonus. Ziltoid disk is not a heavy philosophical thing, it’s fun and like a sci-fi radio play. Orchestras, Universal choir, huge amounts of work. Been 7 years since Ki, 7 years of chaotic activity. In a sense, Z2 summarizes it all, but less heavy in intent than I expected. Its fun.

Some guests, Anneke was with me again, Dominique from Stolen Babies was the War Princess, and Chris Jericho is Captain Spectacular. = ) I’m proud of it. I’m proud in the state my mind is in I didnt phone it in, at all… I gave this thing 150% the whole way. Everyone did. I’m too close to it to be objective. In a sense I wrote Ziltoid for my son. Its not meant to be dramatic. Life is rough sometimes, Been away I want to take a year off perhaps after The Royal Albert show to recharge my batteries, get some new inspiration and experiences…

I’m a little tired of everything being so intense all the time. I wanted to make something big, shiny, fun and awesome for people. In a sense, Casualties Of Cool was my ‘Art Film’ and Z2 is my Hollywood ‘blockbuster’ = ) I’ve not worked harder on anything. It’s really cool = )
Thanks to all you guys and to all the awesome friends, musicians, artists and business folks in my life = ) Enjoy. gnite Oh, and the DTP album is called ‘Sky Blue’ while the Ziltoid disk is called ‘Dark Matters’ …everything else will be in a press release as I’m sure to catch shit for all I’ve said here anyways. = )”

If there’s one person that deserves some time off, it’s Devin Townsend. In between his DTP albums, The Retinal Circus, and his solo albums, he hasn’t had a break in years. But let’s face it – he’s such a workaholic that his year off will probably be about three months tops.

Z2 will be out on October 27th on Inside Out.

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