Check Out A New Early Graves Demo

Posted by on June 13, 2012

Last week, it was announced that Early Graves signed a new deal with No Sleep Records. Their forthcoming record, their first since former frontman Makh Daniels sadly died in a van accident, is due out this Fall. Many were wondering what they would sound like with John Strachan, formerly of The Funeral Pyre, behind the mic, and  thanks to Brooklyn Vegan and a Warped Tour compilation, they can now find out. “Days Gone Cold” is a demo version of a song that will be included on the new album. The demo version can be found on No Sleep’s Warped Tour compliation, which you’ll be able to find this Summer at their booth. This is what guitarist Chris Brock says about the new song:

“This is a demo version of ‘Days Grow Cold’, one of the first songs we wrote when we got back together in a room to make music again. We sent it to John to put vocals to a few weeks after we recorded it and basically this song a few more were the songs that led to John joining EG. This is one of the more punk-ish sounding songs that we have done and we hope you enjoy it”




It’s great to see the band picking up where they left off. “Days Grow Cold” is a perfect blend of punk and metal, with Strachan’s vocals sounding a bit like Converge’s Jacob Bannon. If the rest of the album is as raw and catchy as this, we’re psyched for the new album.

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