Biohazard’s new album arguably has gained more hype since bassist/vocalist Evan Seinfeld’s departure. And yesterday we got our first taste of music from Biozard’s Reborn In Defiance as the song “Reborn” is streaming on Nuclear Blast Europe’s Facebook page. Those wondering what new Biohazard music sounds like without Seinfeld will have to wait longer to find out, for the new album reportedly still features the bassist turned pornstar. At least you can hear what they sound like live minus Seinfeld. You can listen to the track over at Nuclear Blast Europe’s Facebook page now.

In addition to new music, the NYC metal/hardcore group revealed the cover artwork to their new album (as can be seen up top). The new album marks the band’s first studio album in six years, and first in 17 years with the original lineup. Reborn In Defiance comes out September 26 via Nuclear Blast Records in Europe, though it’s unclear as to its U.S. release date.