Previously, we discovered fan filmed footage from last year of Baroness performing a new song called “Take My Bones Away.” And as it turns out, the Savannah, GA sludge group have been performing even more material from their new double album Yellow & Green as of late.

And yesterday, fan filmed footage of Baroness performing “Take My Bones Away” and another new tune last Friday (April 27) at The End in Nashville, TN has made its way online. While we’re not entirely sure what the other song’s name is, we’d take a guess that it’ll appear on the Yellow disc (hence the yellow lighting during the performance). Whatever its name may be, it sounds just as awesome as “Take My Bones Away.”

Go ahead and watch Baroness performing the as-yet-titled new song above, while footage of them performing “Take My Bones Away” at the same show can be seen after the jump.


[via Dorotea MacDhonncaidh by way of The PRP]