Anciients Streaming New Song Online

Posted by on January 30, 2013

We love a success story, especially when it comes to this site and bands we like. Canada’s Anciients would definitely qualify as one. Almost exactly a year ago, we profiled the band (then just spelling their name with one “i”) in an Unsigned and Streamed column. Since then, the band has signed to Season of Mist, and Decibel is streaming a song from the band’s forthcoming album, Heart of Oak.

The band’s Mastodon-ian progressive metal is equal parts heavy and melodic, which comes across particularly well in album opener “Raise the Sun.” This is what the band had to say about the song. ““‘Raise the Sun’ represents what we are all about as a band, musically and lyrically. It contains most if not all the elements that we look for in the kind of music we enjoy. It’s heavy but also melodic; this is how we like things to be. Our sound might be full of contrast and duality, but not for contrast’s sake; rather always for the sake of the song. Lyrically it’s about an Egyptian myth, the ‘Hymn To The Rising Sun’ and Chris’ visualization of said myth… Its’ about walking the correct path and achieving a sort of awakening. ‘Raise the Sun’ is one of our favorites from the new record for sure.”

Heart of Oak will be out on April 16th.

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