Adrenaline Mob Release Sample Of New Song Called “Indifferent”

Posted by on February 1, 2012


Whether you’ve seen them live or heard their self-titled EP, chances are that you’ve already come to a conclusion on Mike Portnoy and Russell Allen’s new group Adrenaline Mob. And it’s also safe to say that a lot of Dream Theater and Symphony X fans expecting a prog metal fan’s ideal supergroup might be a tad disappointed. While there’s still a good deal of technicality in the music (thanks in large part to guitarist Mike Orlando), Adrenaline Mob is in the end of the day a hard rock group who would better fit a bill featuring Disturbed or Avenged Sevenfold than they would Symphony X.

And like “Undaunted” (the first single off of their debut full length album Omertà ), a new sample of the song “Indifferent” posted on Adrenaline Mob’s Facebook Bandpage further proves that point. While only a little more than 90 seconds of the song can actually be heard in the sample, it still highlights how Adrenaline Mob’s goal is to produce catchy and accessible hard rock. And though that may disappoint a good amount of fans, it’s not a bad thing either.

You can check out the teaser snippet of “Indifferent” above or via Facebook, while the music video for “Undaunted” can be seen after the jump. Omertà hits stores on March 13 via Elm City Music (in conjunction with EMI Label Services).


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