Scion A/V Branches Into Records With Magrudergrind EP

Posted by on November 24, 2010

Scion A/V Presents: Magrudergrind – Crusher by ScionAV
Looking for new music from an underground band? Why not start with a Japanese car company? Scion, who have captured the youngest median age of car owners (29), are continuing to market outside the box. Their two Scion Rock Fests have attracted metal fans, and they also have worked with Metal Insider for the No Label Needed Contest and Series. Now they’ve essentially become a label with the release of Magrudergrind’s Crusher EP. The six song blast of grindcore was released on CD and 10″ vinyl this week, with MP3 sales following in February. If you don’t want to be all that concerned with that, you can stream it above or download it for free here. However, if you want to support the band, and you should, you can buy it here.

Of course grindcore enthusiasts and Metal Sucks contributors are getting their panties caught in a bunch because Scion financed the recording of the EP. I think that’s pure jealousy and pettiness on their part. Sure, the Scion logo is on the EP, but if they were on Metal Blade, so would the Metal Blade logo have been. If they really wanted to be ridiculous, they could’ve made the tanks boxy Scion cars, but they didn’t. And it’s not the DC trio is writing songs about cars or there are commercials in between songs. The company has been an non-obtrusive as possible throughout all their marketing, and bringing a great band to more prominence isn’t worth whining about any more than putting on a great concert for free is.

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