2010 saw Primus return in a big way. They reunited with drummer Jay Lane, performed across the States on the Oddity Faire tour for the first time in years, and even digitally released a Spanish version of “My Name Is Mud.” They also recently announced plans for a European tour this Summer and are about to embark on a mini Australian tour. Yet for some reason, despite the constant touring, we were surprised to find out that Primus was working on new music. We somehow totally missed the news that they performed a new song called “Last Salmon Man” during their New Year’s shows (luckily for us, video of the band performing the new song can be seen above). And in a new statement released by bassist/vocalist Les Claypool, a new Primus album could be out very soon.

You can read Claypool’s entire statement about his new custom instruments and other topics over at The PRP, but here’s what he had to say in regards to a new album:

“The Primus record is nearly done. For those of you that enjoyed the new song, “Last Salmon Man“, that we played New Year’s, you’ll love the record because every song basically sounds exactly the same as that one. In fact, we just kept recording the same song over and over and I would just change a few of the lyrics around. I hear that’s the way Pink Floyd used to do it and those guys are no slouches.

(My manager got bent out of shape for me writing that last bit about the record and he wanted me to change it so, here is what I’m changing it to…)

The Primus record is nearly done. Every song is pretty much a variation of “Don’t Fear the Reaper” by Blue Oyster Cult. Everyone should buy two copies.”

So Claypool doesn’t give us too much of an update about the new album. But unless you’ve been following Primus’ every move since they reunited (which quite possibly many have), this still confirms something that many possibly (or at least I) weren’t aware of previously: That new Primus music is on the way. It’ll be their first release of original material since the 2003 EP Animals Should Not Try To Act Like People. If this turns out to be a full length album, then this would be the first since 1999’s Antipop. We’ll keep you updated when more is revealed, but for now check out the new song “Last Salmon Man” above to get a taste of what the new album may (or may not, depending on which part of the statement you believe) sounds like.