Find out how much Metallica, Dream Theater, Cannibal Corpse and more made on the road

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metallica-07If you keep wondering how much your favorite bands make when they head out on the road, Billboard‘s Boxscore released their latest batch of earnings and attendance from many artists, and we’ve summarized them here for you.

We will take a look at the numbers of some of the biggest names in metal by several different reasons, not just by their music quality because we don’t want to start a war on the comment sections. Several of these bands listed we’ve covered in the past, but it’s always fun to analyse if they do as good at a certain city than another. We’ll also add some smaller players to add some contrast and make things a bit more interesting. These are the bands who will have their people call your people if they need anything from you:


Artist: Metallica & Cage The Elephant
Venue: San Francisco, CA – AT&T Park
Date: Feb. 06th, 2016
Gross Sales: $4,341,114
Attendance/Capacity: 41,119 / 43,681
Ticket Prices: $149.50, $49.50


Artist: Iron Maiden & The Raven Age
Venue: Inglewood, CA – The Forum
Date: Apr. 15th-16th, 2016
Gross Sales: $2,218,068
Attendance/Capacity: 24,886 / 24,886
Ticket Prices: $94.50, $54.50


Artist: Black Sabbath & Rival Sons
Venue: Sydney, AUS – Qudos Bank Arena
Date: Apr. 23rd, 2016
Gross Sales: $1,458,830
Attendance/Capacity: 13,717 / 13,717
Ticket Prices: $115.98, $100.51


Artist: AC/DC, Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown
Venue: Las Vegas, NV – MGM Grand Garden
Date: Feb. 05th, 2016
Gross Sales: $1,416,474
Attendance/Capacity: 13,491 / 13,817
Ticket Prices: $137, $72


Artist: Def Leppard, Styx & Tesla
Venue: Sunrise, FL – BB&T Center
Date: Jan. 29th, 2016
Gross Sales: $472,690
Attendance/Capacity: 7,083 / 8,440
Ticket Prices: $121.50, $31.50


Artist: Megadeth, Suicidal Tendencies, Children Of Bodom & Havok
Venue: Hollywood, CA – Palladium
Date: Feb. 28th, 2016
Gross Sales: $174,914
Attendance/Capacity: 3,670 / 3,909
Ticket Prices: $49.50


Artist: Smashing Pumpkins & Liz Phair
Venue: Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Broward Center For The Performing Arts
Date: May 01st, 2016
Gross Sales: $155,876
Attendance/Capacity: 2,170 / 2,443
Ticket Prices: $79.50, $49.50


Artist: Dream Theater
Venue: Oakland, CA – Fox Theater
Date: May 08th, 2016
Gross Sales: $114,746
Attendance/Capacity: 1,732 / 1,859
Ticket Prices: $85, $49.50


Artist: Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Cryptopsy & Abysmal Dawn
Venue: San Francisco, CA – The Fillmore
Date: Mar. 07th, 2016
Gross Sales: $26,378
Attendance/Capacity: 1,199 / 1,301
Ticket Prices: $22


Artist: Amon Amarth, Entombed A.D. & Exmortus
Venue: Quebec City, QC – Imperial Bell
Date: Apr. 28th, 2016
Gross Sales: $29,249
Attendance/Capacity: 929 / 929
Ticket Prices: $31.48


Artist: Baroness & Mutoid Man
Venue: Quebec City, QC – Le Cercle
Date: Apr. 30th, 2016
Gross Sales: $6,700
Attendance/Capacity: 323 / 400
Ticket Prices: $23.93, $20.74


This is the first time we actually get to see some Metallica numbers and, let me tell you, they’re not too shabby, and that’s something people don’t seem to understand when some refer to them as one of the “biggest metal bands ever.” Most of these shows were sold out or close to it, but it’s good to see whoever manages these bands’ bookings know exactly the attendance they should be expecting to get. I’m actually surprised about those Smashing Pumpkins’ numbers, considering the hype it made when they announce their latest acoustic tour “In Plainsong,” either by the price of their tickets or the size of their shows. That’s how the music industry works.



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