Metallica play ball for 2nd annual Giants day

Posted by on May 19, 2014


In the past week, we’ve seen Metallica perform Beatles and Ozzy songs acoustically, James Hetfield jam with Billie Joe Armstrong and Joe Satriani, and heard Kirk Hammett play on a $100 album. Now you can add Hetfield and Hammett playing the Star Spangled Banner to that list. For the second year in a row, the San Francisco Giants have had Metallica Night at AT&T Park in  San Francisco. The two guitarists turned in a solid rendition of our National Anthem, then Hetfield announced the starting lineup. Lars threw out the first pitch of the game as the Giants took on the Marlins, and fans attending the game got an inflatable version of Hetfield’s ESP Snakebyte guitar and a set of guitar picks. Sadly, the Giants weren’t able to pick up a win, as the Marlins won 7-5, which was best typified by the SFBay headline “Giants Fade To Black on Metallica Night.” 


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