Meet John Waldefeldt. He’s only 13 years old (maybe 14 now?), but he’s already a damn good guitar player. In fact, he’s been at it since he was 9. Gear Gods brought him to our attention, and he’s been posting YouTube clips of him playing since we was nine. You can see him progress from playing through songs by Coldplay and AC/DC to Yngwie Malmsteen. In fact, the screen cap is of him playing Yngwie’s “Vengeance” from back when he was 11. Somewhere in the next year, he cut his hair and started playing John Mayer songs, but there’s hope for him yet, as one of his more recent covers was another Yngwie track, the first track from his fourth album “Rising Force.” It’s been nine months since he’s posted any covers, but if he keeps doing as well with Yngwie, he’ll be unleashing the f’ing fury in no time.

Here’s him playing “Vengeance” back when he was 11: