The celebrated Terratur Possessions recently unveiled “Perish,” a new track by the emerging black metal family project Kråbøl. “Perish” features a selection of Norway’s greatest artists: B. Kråbøl on vocals, guitars, and synths; T. Kråbøl on drums; S. Kråbøl on bass; and M. Kråbøl on trumpet.

S., or Stian, and T., or Terje, have both been nominated for Spellemann Awards, also known as “Norwegian Grammys.” The former plays with Tulus, Minas, and Funeral. He formerly performed with Sarke and Khold. Over the years, the latter has belonged to a long list of groups: Katechon, Minas, Sarke, Faustcoven, Bethzaida, Anti-depressive Delivery, etc. B., or Brage, is Terje’s son and Stian’s nephew. This insanely fiery vocalist and multi-instrumentalist is respected for the acclaimed Misotheist and the one-man outfit Enevelde — both stars of Terratur’s roster.

The excellence of the Kråbøl team’s artistry shines in its full glory on “Perish.” This opus instantly incinerates listeners with its intensity. Raw, explosive, and delightfully aggressive yet exceptionally beautiful, “Perish” reminds us of the greatness of the ’90s. As egoless as Kråbøl may seem, their work comes across as highly distinctive. “Perish” provides a remarkably memorable experience that forces audiences to keep returning for more highly addictive sonic punishment. Experts will agree that this is exactly what black metal “should” sound like.

“Perish” hails from Kråbøl’s upcoming debut album titled Never. “Fundaments,” the first sublime track from Never to premiere, appears on TERRATUR COMPENDIUM MMXXIII, which was released on March 24, 2023. As soon as I heard this overpowering composition, I knew that Kråbøl was one of the most promising new acts. In my opinion, “Fundaments” ranks among the greatest black metal compositions of 2023.

Of course, we must give proper credit to Terratur Possessions for bringing us such a rare gem of a band. Founded in 2007, this Trondheim-based label is run by the tireless Ole A. Aune. An absolute genius at what he does, Aune is known for signing the very best, and is thus a revered figure in the extreme metal community.