Slayer new music video will feature Machete’s Danny Trejo and more

Posted by on August 28, 2015

This week, Slayer took a trip to the Sybil Brand Institute, the women’s prison in East Los Angeles, to shoot their newest music video for “Repentless,” and to add some quality acting into the video, they recruited a bunch of Hollywood stars from famous movies, including Machete‘s Danny Trejo.

Director BJ McDowell arranged an excellent cast of famous actors who featured on classic horror films like Halloween, Predator and Friday the 13th to be part of the video along with the band. Details about the video are still under wraps but there’s images showing a prison riot and we expect also to be filled with blood and gore, considering McDowell’s experience with horror films. These are the actors involved in the project:

Derek Mears (“Predators,” “Friday the 13th”)
Tyler Mane (“Halloween”)
Jason Trost (“Hatchet III”),
Danny Trejo (“Machete,” “From Dusk Till Dawn”),
Tony Moran (“Halloween’s” Michael Myers, “American Poltergeist”),
Sean Whalen (“Men In Black,” “Halloween II”),
Vernon Wells (“Mad Max 2,” “Commando,” “Weird Science”)

“Repentless” already has a video with in-studio and live footage which also is a lyric video but apparently that wasn’t enough for the guys and they want to release another one so if you didn’t like the video and want to see a better video, you will have to wait for a bit as there’s no release yet but it’ll be out soon enough.

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