Sepultura have a dark side, also a new song called that

Posted by on April 27, 2015

sepulturaSepultura are in the midst of celebrating their 30th anniversary, which only kind of makes sense, given that they formed in 1984. Regardless, in addition to touring in May as part of that in a run that will find them at Rock In Rio USA, they’re also releasing some new music. While a track coming out on June 5, “Under My Skin,” on vinyl on June 5th, they’ve also got another trick up their sleeve. The band released a song called “DarkSide,” and no, it’s not about Star Wars. The song, which is an 83-second blast of music, was created for book publisher DarkSide Books. What’s a book publishing company have to do with a metal band? Hell if we know, but this song is pretty solid. It’s in and out before it even really gets a chance to register as anything other than “good,” and that’s probably exactly how they want it.


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