Neurosis and Converge Kick Off The Heaviest Tour of The Year

Posted by on August 1, 2017

Friday night Neurosis and Converge performed in Chicago for a sold out show at Tahlia Hall. Amenra opened the show with a dark and intense performance. And while Converge and Neurosis are arguably two of the heaviest bands of all time, their sound is drastically different. Regardless, the tour made total sense and was a very unique line up. Both gave an intense and powerful performance and Converge also debuted music off their new EP.  Neurosis and Converge are on tour together until Aug 7th and Neurosis will perform at the Psycho Las Vegas Festival on Aug. 19th.

Converge Set List

Dark Horse
Aimless Arrow
You Fail Me
All We Love We Leave Behind
Predatory Glow
Reap What You Sow
Worms Will Feed
I Can Tell You About Pan
Eagles Become Vultures
Jane Doe


Neurosis Set List

The Web
A Shadow Memory
Locust Star
Fire is The End Lesson
Broken Ground
At The End of The Road
Bending Light
The Doorway

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