James Hetfield shares past demons, encourages kids to get into art

Posted by on February 20, 2015

hetfieldMetallica’s James Hetfield recently opened up to Road Recovery about his past mistakes and how he copes with them through music. In this short video for the mini-series “Up Close & Personal,” Hetfield discusses how important music is as an outlet and a connection to the world.

Hetfield speaks of how he has groups of people he’s able to share the shameful parts of his past with, and says how immensely that helps him cope. He emphasizes how so much of that has to do with music.

“Playing music has saved my life,” Hetfield shares, “Every day it saves my life. When I am able to write, write a riff, write some lyrics, stuff like that, it’s a way I connect with the world.”

The Metallica frontman goes on to strongly express how important he feels it is that kids take up a form of art – whether it be music, design or a craft.

Road Recovery is an organization dedicated to assisting young adults who are facing addiction or adversity. They are a part of the HooplaHa Network, a site that spreads good news and inspiration.

You can view this clip below:


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