hatebreed2016“Welcome to two minutes and forty-seven seconds with Hatebreed,” the band’s just-released video for “Looking Down the Barrel of Today” begins. It’s pretty interesting, in that it looks like it was made for social networks and to be passed on. For the most part, it’s a straight-ahead performance video, but the messages that pop up throughout means that it could almost work on its own as a silent video, or one that auto-plays when posted on your favorite social network named after a body part and something you read.

The PMA-style messages that pop up like “we wish those painful things never happened to you” and “today is all we have, live it to the fullest” are encouraging, and it even suggests you share the video with a friend if you get anything out of the message. While any fan of Hatebreed throughout their 20+ year history are aware of the band and their messages, the seems to be made for people that might have never heard of the band before. Will it become viral? That depends on how much it’s shared, we’re thinking.

With The Concrete Confessional will be released on May 13 on Nuclear Blast Records. It can be pre-ordered here.