gaslightThe Gaslight Anthem isn’t particularly metal, but if you like Bruce Springsteen and/or Social Distortion and/or bands that sound like Social Distortion covering Bruce Springsteen, then you might be familiar with them. And if you’re an Every Time I Die fan that’s unfamiliar with the band, you might want to familiarize yourselves with them, as frontman Brian Fallon has apparently guested on the forthcoming album. He posted an Instagram picture of himself with gift basket he got from the band thanking him for being on the band’s forthcoming album. “Balloons and edible arrangements from the good boys of Every Time I Die,” he captioned the picture, with the hashtag #heartcore.

This isn’t Fallon’s first brush with hardcore/metal. While the band’s gotten pretty far away from their punkish beginnings, they did play Metallica’s Orion Fest back in 2012. Also, a few years ago while livestreaming a concert, Fallon took some time to go off on a rant about Axl Rose and the misogyny of GN’Rs Appetite For Destruction. There’s no word on when the next ETID album will be out, but if guest spots have already been recorded, they’ve got to be pretty far along.