Foo Fighters unveil new song “Shame Shame;” new album arriving in February

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Foo Fighters have announced that their upcoming tenth album will be called Medicine At Midnight and will drop February 5th with Roswell Records. The album will feature 9 tracks and was produced by the band and Greg Kurstin. (Paul McCartney, Beck) The band also performed the song live for ‘Saturday Night Live”

Frontman Dave Grohl was on SiriusXM’s Alt Nation and spoke with Jeff Regan about writing the new record:

“It’s our 10th album, and it’s our 25th anniversary. We’re. like, okay, let’s look back at all the stuff that we’ve done before. We’ve made that loud sort of noisy punk rock fast stuff. We’ve made the sleepy acoustic kind of gentle acoustic record stuff. We’ve done the three- or four-minute-long bubblegum rock and roll, pop, single thing before. And it was, like, well, what haven’t we done? And we had never really made a groove-oriented sort of party record.

“It’s hard to put the words ‘dance’ or ‘funk’ or ‘disco’ in the same sentence as the Foo Fighters; it scares the shit out of me,” Dave admitted. “But all of us grew up loving rock and roll records that you could like bounce around to, like The Cars. Like, oh my God, we love The Cars. Or David Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’. Or Power Station. Or The Rolling Stones’ ‘Tattoo You’ — things like that. We’re, like, ‘All right. We’ve never really explored that territory before. Let’s do it.

“We’re lucky in that everybody in the band has diverse influences and everybody loves different kinds of music, but I honestly think we’re capable of doing almost anything,” he said. “So if we put our minds to it, we can kind of chameleon and turn into a death metal band, or we could be like The Carpenters. So we just have to come together and make the decision, like, ‘All right, which way do we wanna go? Which way are we gonna turn the wheel?’ And this time we did it to make this party record.”

Grohl also focused on the new single and mentioned how it’s different from their previous work:

“That song is not really a party [song]. I mean, it’s got a groove unlike anything we’ve ever done before, and it has a dynamic and a vibe and a tone unlike anything we’ve ever done before, which is why I wanted to release it first. You want to give people some sort of indication, like, ‘Okay, this isn’t exactly like the other nine records. This is moving into another territory.’ It’s not necessarily indicative of all of the other songs, but it does have its place on the record. It serves its purpose. And I love it, because it’s just different than anything we’ve ever done.”

Medicine At Midnight track list:

01 – “Making A Fire”
02 – “Shame Shame”
03 – “Cloudspotter”
04 – “Waiting On A War”
05 – “Medicine At Midnight”
06 – “No Son Of Mine”
07 – “Holding Poison”
08 – “Chasing Birds”
09 – “Love Dies Young”

Pre-order/save Medicine At Midnight here!

Check out both “Shame Shame” and their live SNL performance below!


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