Looks like Nicolas Cage wasn’t the only notable person in attendance at the Megadeth/Motorhead show in Las Vegas last week. In fact, Sarah Churman was there as a guest of Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine. While that name might not be familiar to you, her story is familiar to many. Churman was deaf until the age of 29, when an implantable hearing aid allowed her to hear her voice for the first time. A clip of that moment went viral, and she became a relative celebrity that has since written a book. While one of the things she was most happy about was hearing her childrens’ voices, she also was able to listen to music for the first time as well, and one of the bands she likes was Megadeth.

In a joint interview aired on a Vegas TV station, Mustaine and Churman spoke about their connection. “”I can’t really remember how her video came across my computer, but like I said, when I saw it, I was instantly compelled, and when we found out that she was a fan, it was, like, this is a no-brainer,” Mustaine said. “We wanna meet and just say how fortunate we are to be a part of her life and this new phase.” Churman said that initially, all music sounded terrible to her, which made her nervous. However, after some adjustments she was able to hear more regularly and found herself gravitated towards metal and Megadeth in particular. Her trip to Las Vegas was her first concert.