photos by Dave Rast


Chicago has become the birthplace of Contrition, a heavy metal band comprised of former and current members of Nachtmystium, Wolvhammer, Usurper, Cobalt, Yakuza, Novembers Doom, Chrome Waves, Bones, and more.

Disorder Recordings reveal the release date of the band’s debut album, Broken Mortal Coil, as late October. The album features guests from The Black Dahlia Murder, Impaled, Graveripper, and Gridfailure.

The line up combines vocalist Jerome Marshall from Cobalt, and Yakuza, drummer Garry Naples of Novembers Doom, and Without Waves, Guitarist Jeff Wilson from Chrome Waves, Deeper Graves, and formerly of Wolvhammer, and bassist Jon Woodring of Bones, and formerly of Usurper.

Check out the bands trailer below and pre-order the album here


01) Diluted
02) Amped
03) Nihilistic Right
04) For Misery
05) Desolation Star
06) Added Subtraction
07) Without Guilt
08) Tourette’s (Nirvana cover)