Black Sabbath In Studio, Working On Guitars

Posted by on November 19, 2012

Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Black Sabbath used considerably less than that on a Facebook page post they made earlier today. “Tony Iommi is tracking more guitars on the new album today!” is all the post says, but that’s all it needs to. Looks like the band is making progress on the new album, which Rick Rubin is producing. And regardless of who the drummer is, we’re cautiously optimistic that it’ll be great. The Devil You Know, the 2009 Heaven and Hell album with Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler on it, was a really solid album, and to say that anticipation is high for the first Sabbath album with Ozzy Osbourne on it since 1978 is an understatement.

Here’s what we can tell from the above pic:

  • Black Sabbath are in the studio
  • Tony Iommi’s lymphoma is in check enough for him to be able to work on the new record
  • There will be acoustic guitars on the next album
  • Presumably if Iommi’s working on guitars, the drum parts could already be laid down
  • What the hell is that nightstand doing on the left hand side of the screen?

It’s been just over a year (11/11/11) since Black Sabbath announced they were reforming. Hopefully 2013 will be the year the album comes out, and this is proof that progress is being made.

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