Amplified: Get “Eaten Alive” by the Eye of the Destroyer

Posted by on January 9, 2015

There’s few things that I love more than old-school death metal, and bands playing that style nowadays can be tough to come by. Metal and horror go hand-in-hand for a lot of the bands in that style, so the grindhouse sensibilities of those bands is a bit of a lost art as that style’s fallen out of popularity. Luckily, New Jersey’s own Eye of the Destroyer is here to solve that problem. The band’s music is unrelentingly heavy; it blasts, it slams, and the gloriously incomprehensible gutteral vocals deliver some over the top gory lyrics. Even better, it calls to mind a time when Tampa, Florida was the center of the metal universe, and what the world needs now is a whole lot more of that. I’m at a bit of a loss for descriptors when it comes to this band, but only because the music does so much of the talking. It’s riffy, meat-and-potatoes classic death metal at its finest, and it demands attention. “Eaten Alive” is a prime example of that.  The video is a super-low budget, old school Relapse-style clip in the vein of classic Dying Fetus videos. With zombies!

Eye of the Destroyer’s latest EP, Ezekiel 16:21, is available on Bandcamp below.


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