Travis Richter Explains Why He Left The Human Abstract

Posted by on August 25, 2011

Travis (center) with his former band mates

Yesterday, we were the first to reveal that The Human Abstract had indeed parted ways with singer Travis Richter and that Ryan Devlin from Corelia would be filling in on the road. While there were multiple rumors spreading around the web (one involving Richter’s girlfriend), it was still unclear as to what actually caused the split, that is, until now.

Late last night, Richter posted the following explanation on his tumbler account:

“A couple months ago I told the guys I wasn’t going to tour anymore for a couple reasons. One, I’m turning 30 and have given all my time to bands and the road, and I want to be able to start a family and see my parents and grandparents more. Secondly, I graduated with an audio production degree, and I feel myself being pulled into that world as more of a full time position. I think The Human Abstract is an amazingly gifted group of musicians with mind bending potential and I couldn’t thank them enough for everything they’ve done for me since I joined the band in feb of 2010. The fans have also been more than amazing and accepted me into the THA family, and for that I sincerely thank you!”

While we glad that this seems to be a drama free split, it’s also a familiar story. It’s a sad reminder of how hard life on the road can be and the sacrifices such a lifestyle requires (especially for bands just starting to break out). We are sad to see Travis leave the band, but are also glad that he’s doing what he feels is best for him. We’re also glad that The Human Abstract are able to continue on with Devlin for at least a tour. At the moment, it is still unclear as to whether Devlin will become a permanent replacement or not, but Corelia is still very much together.

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