There was a lot of speculation earlier this week that The Human Abstract vocalist Travis Richter had left the band. That would have come at an unfortunate time, given that the Frak the Gods tour with Periphery, Textures and The Contortionist starts in a little over a week. However, there was no official confirmation from the band or management – until now. We just received the following from the band:

The Human Abstract and Travis Richter have parted ways. Ryan Devlin will be filling in on the next tour

Devlin is the singer of San Diego band Corelia. The band tells Metal Insider that he came highly recommended from Periphery’s  Spencer Sotelo (who actually used to be in Corelia) and Misha “Bulb” Mansoor. As you can tell from the above video, he tears it up, and his voice definitely fits The Human Abstract’s sound. Devlin is still in Corelia, and is just filling in for the tour, at least for the time being. Why it didn’t work out between Richter and The Human Abstract remains unclear, but at least they got a great album out of it, and THA will be able to move forward with the tour.