John Strachan, singer of The Funeral Pyre, recently revealed that he has joined Early Graves as their new vocalist. Strachan leaked that he was replacing Makh Daniels, who passed away in a van accident last Summer, in a recent blog posting, saying:

“I recently joined Early Graves, after the passing of their singer and great friend, Makh Daniels. It’s been intense taking over those duties for him, but it’s also been something that has kind of revitalized me in music.”

An official announcement from the band about this hasn’t been made yet. However, according to their Facebook page, Early Graves have shows booked for August 13 in LA and August 16 in San Francisco. Strachan’s blog post also confirmed that he would still be fronting The Funeral Pyre (who were actually on the road with Early Graves when the van accident happened).

We for one are happy to hear that they are slowly making their way back to fruition. It’s never easy for a band to move on after such a tragic loss, but it seems like they may finally be ready to. We wish them the best as the move into the band’s next chapter.