What do you get when you combine members of Shadows Fall, Unearth and Seemless? A band without a singer, and that’s where you might come in! Shadows Fall guitarists Matt Bachand and Jon Donais have joined forces with Unearth drummer Derek Kerswill  and Seemless bassistJeff Fultz. They’ve recorded a five song demo, but need a vocalist for the as-yet-unnamed project. We have a great name for this all-star band! Since they’re all from the Boston area – how about the Damn Yankees?! Already taken? Dammit. How about just calling themselves the Damned Things then? That too? Dammit!

“We are looking for one crazy bastard with the energy, the drive, and the determination to take this thing to the next level,” says Matt Bachand. Jon Donais adds, “The vocalist we seek should be influenced by a variety of melodically based bands anywhere from Alice In Chains, Shinedown, and Aerosmith, to Skid Row and Pantera.” You must be serious about the position, and must be able to tour extensively. Demo submissions are currently being accepted. Submissions should include a bio and list of past experience, photo, audio and/or video performance, and any other information you would like the band to know.

This collaboration so far doesn’t seem like that much of a stretch. All four musicians are New England-based, and Derek actually played in both Shadows Fall and Seemless before the group disbanded and he joined Unearth. This seems like an opportunity for all four musicians to make something a little more accessible (read: more commercial: read $) than their other bands. And between this and Kingdom of Sorrow, it seems like Kerswill just loves getting himself in all-star side projects.

Interested singers should send demos and contact info to iamdrunk666@gmail.com