After an online search and audition process, Machine Head has announced their new bass player: Jared MacEachern. The search began after bassist and founding member Adam Duce parted ways with the band back in February. The newly inducted fourth member also comes just in time for the band to have a completed lineup during their tour on the Rockstar Mayhem Fest.

The band auditioned more than 400  musicians, including ex-Fear Factory bassist Christian Olde Wolbers, but Jared stood out in part because he had already toured with Machine Head, opening shows for them with his then-band Sanctity. He also was a brief member of the band during their 2007 Black Tyranny tour, filling in for an injured Duce during their shows. After the 2007 tour, Jared left Sanctity in order to devote more time to his family, yet he still played with some local acts until he saw the open position in Machine Head. In addition to his previous ties to the band, he was picked due to his ability to sing the high harmonies along with frontman Robb Flynn, which the band listed as one of their primary criteria when it came to filling the bass spot.

Says drummer Dave McClain, via the band’s website:

“Jared came in to the audition and just killed it! Besides being able to nail the bass and vocal harmonies, he also had the vibe and personality to make it feel like we were a BAND again. It was a great feeling and we all knew he was the guy.”

Not only will Jared be joining the band on their Mayhem tour, but he will also be playing bass on their upcoming eighth studio album. “I’m ready to get to work! This tour is going to kick ass and the new tunes are heavy as shit! I’m SO looking forward to making good music with good dudes!” says Jared of his new role as Machine Head’s 4-stringer.

Check out some audition footage of Jared MacEachern nailing the bass part and vocal harmonies to the song ‘Halo’, off Machine Head’s acclaimed 2007 release The Blackening: