Metal Insider contributor Anthony Maisano is listening to a different metal album that was released on that day every day this year. Today, it’s Dismember’s Hate Campaign.

‘Hate Campaign’ by Dismember was released on January 17th, 2000. The band’s fifth album might very well be the first death metal album of the 21st century!

This album is loud and heavy. I really enjoy the vocalist. He reminds me of Pestilence singer Martin van Drunen during their glory days. Along with it, damn, do I love the drummer’s snare drum sound. It has a great pop to it that really brings the heaviness home. The production here in general is really solid.

The album, however, is pretty boring, for me. There’s not much in the way of memorable riffs, or any memorable melodies, or anything to stay in your head. The title track is the ONLY song on the album to break this. It definitely stands out above the rest. It’s an album that tries really hard to differentiate itself solely on heaviness, and nothing else. While it might be cool for a listen, by the end of it, I couldn’t remember a single thing I listened to. It’s an album that does little wrong, but little right, too.

Favorite Tracks: “Hate Campaign,” “Patrol 17,” “Bleeding Over”

I can’t say I recommend this one. It’s just a forgettable album in the band’s discography, in my opinion. It won’t turn anyone on to death metal that doesn’t already like it, and those who do can probably find better albums to listen to than this one. Dismember themselves have better albums than this. However, a good thing I can say is that I will be listening to more albums by Dismember that I have not yet listened to. Their production was so solid to me, I WANT to hear better albums from them that I have not yet heard, like I know they’re capable of creating. Try ‘Indecent and Obscene’!