QOTSA have a Christmas sweater too, but their shirt is better

Posted by on November 21, 2013

SANTA_SPERMThanks to theprp, we now know that Queens of the Stone Age aren’t content to let all the metal bands come up with holiday sweater designs. And much like Attila’s design, which featured a pair of fornicating reindeer,with the classy phrase “suck my fuck,” QOTSA’s shirt also features two pair of reindeer gettin’ it on. Despite that, it’s less garish than you might expect. Instead of red and green, it’s an understated burgundy and white design that features the band’s name and logo. Like all the other shirts flooding the market and competing for your holiday money, it’s a crew neck long sleeved shirt, not an actual sweater. There’s also a T-shirt version available.

What’s much better, however, is the “santa sperm” T-shirt theyr’e also selling. The iconic sperm logo that they’ve had since Songs for the Deaf returns, only this time, it has a santa hat on. That’s a much better representation of the holiday spirit than a holiday sweater, even though the band’s version is one of the better ones we’ve seen. Either way, the band has you covered. Meanwhile, if you want to check out an interactive video that channels old school CD Rom games like Myst, check out their new video for “The Vampyre of Time and Memory.”



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