Where to start with Ari Lehman? Well, he’s an actor, or at least was one.  His most recognizable role is one that most horror fans will be aware of. At the end of the first Friday the 13th, he played Jason Voorhees. Not even the hockey mask Jason – that didn’t come until the third film in the series. He was Jason as a kid, emerging from a lake to pull the final survivor under water, He wasn’t in any of the other films in the series, but that hasn’t stopped him from milking his brief appearance.

Dangerous Minds points out that Lehman is in a band, the self-described “Punk Metal Project” called, yep, First Jason. The song that plays when you click on the link, “Soul Seller,” sounds more like a hybrid of blues and funk than punk or metal. Also, there are multiple pictures of Lehman on the site playing a keytar. There’s nothing less metal or punk than a keytar. NOTHING. Even if it’s made to look like a machete. The Chicago-area band seems to have some gigs though, some of which are at horror conventions, which makes sense.

You can also buy a bowl from Lehman. For only $50, you can buy a glass pipe. It’s a signed handblown pipe (for tobacco use only, kids!) that’s festooned with a hockey mask. Yes, First Jason is selling a bowl with a hockey mask, even though Lehman was only in the first film. His site also offers machetes, and oh yeah, Lehman has his own hot sauce, “Jason’s Own Slasher Sauce.” You can’t say the guy isn’t branching out. If you want to see First Jason, click on the link to see where they’re playing.