H&M selling metal band shirts now

Posted by on February 17, 2015

When a major clothing retailer starts selling popular metal band shirts, it’s a big deal. With such a massive reach and influence, a Slayer shirt on a rack next to other fashionable wares could lead to whole new audience for these bands.

The latejest such retailer is H&M, who now sell Slayer, Metallica, and some other (questionable) “metal” shirts but, as Metal Injection points out, the price point is hard to beat:

“All three designs are sold for about $18, which is significantly less than what Metallica and Slayer are selling shirts for in their merch stores. Not including discounted/sale items, the regular price for a Metallica tee is about $23 and Slayer t-shirts can go for as high as $30.”

So, could this be part of the “metal renaissance, or just hipster metal argument.

(via MetalSucks)


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