If you can only buy one holiday-themed shirt this year, well hell, you should buy ours. That being said, The Acacia Strain have taken the tired “ugly sweater” trope and made it even uglier. No reindeer here, just three Santa Clauses joined together for wait for it… Human Santapede. Yeah, that’s one ugly sweater alright. Granted, if your mom or someone hasn’t seen the film, they might think it’s a cute sweater, but you’ll probably get mortified looks and/or high fives wherever you wear it, which might be perfect for the holiday season now that we think about it.

You can order the shirt from All In Merch for $25 here.

Youv’e got to admit that The Acacia Strain has some pretty great merch. This might even be better than the Beavis and Butt-head-themed shirt they had after they got into a van accident a few years back.

[via theprp]