If you are a true metalhead, then the first thing you should have thought to yourself when first heard Lady Gaga’s “Judas” was “Oh wow, Gaga’s a legit Judas Priest fan!… Oh wait, it’s about some other dude named Judas…” [editor’s note: if you’re really a true metalhead, you probably haven’t heard any Lady Gaga] Well, thanks to a mashup artist who goes by the name Wax Audio, we now know what Gaga would sound like if she recorded a song with Rob Halford.

A new mashup featuring the not-so-secret metalhead’s controversial single (you’d think Judas ratted out his best friend or something) and Judas Priest’s “Painkiller” has made its way online. Not only do we find it funny, but the mashup is actually really well done. You can watch a video for the mashup above, while you can take a listen to more of Wax Audio’s work on his website.