Chuck E. Cheese brawl sounds better set to the Dillinger Escape Plan

Posted by on October 7, 2016


When you think of Chuck E. Cheese, you think of that family-friendly place where your parents took you to spend your birthdays with your friends with games, cheap pizza and fun. Unless you live in Florida, where it appears that Chuck E. Cheese is synonymous with brutality, chaos and mayhem.

A 16-year old resident recorded and posted on her Twitter a massive brawl taking place at one of the franchise locations in Miami which started “because one person was looking at them and instigating a problem then they went up to them and their families got involved.” Obviously, alcohol was involved, despite Chuck E. Cheese’s two-drink limit.

While this may seem like a normal occurrence at the pizza joint, we couldn’t help but imagine them fighting to the sound of The Dillinger Escape Plan’s “Limerent Death” from Dissociation. So that’s what we did. Sue us.



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