credit: Rex Mananquil


Bay Area post metal collective The Atomic Bomb Audition’s new album, Future Mirror, arrived earlier this month, which marked the group’s first release in nearly a decade. The group has teamed up with Metal Insider to reveal their overall top five albums of 2022. 


01) The Lord, Forest Nocturne

Doom metal soundtracks for films that don’t exist—sign me the fuck up. Greg Anderson cuts to the goddamn chase once again with ten-ton riff leitmotifs, molasses synths, and a (not-so-subtle) nod to Led Zeppelin III.





02) Beach House, Once Twice Melody

Can you translate shoegaze dream pop into the lushest string arrangements in all of human history? Whilst also writing lyrics that top your previous deepest despairs and revelations?  Check and mate. Especially check out the lyric video for the final song, “Modern Love Stories.” 




03) Russian Circles, Gnosis

It’s been years since Mike Sullivan delivered a wake-up call to guitar-driven post-metal and made us all work harder (in vain). Somehow this is their most vicious, weird, and MEAN sounding LP yet. Brian Cook is a beast and you can hear him spur Mike and Dave Turncrantz into dirtier, heavier territory.




04) Orville Peck, Bronco

Orville’s subversive country croon is heartbreaking as ever. Utterly lush Pet Sounds vibe meets the darkly romantic psychology lurking in the brainstem of American country rock—insanely good road trip music.





05) The Smile, A Light for Attracting Attention

Hooky, angular, creepy cinematic rock from the best dudes to ever do it. It’s a grower but it definitely sinks its teeth into you after a few spins. The best (unofficial) Radiohead album in nigh on a decade. I envy anyone who slept on this their first listen. 




Honorable Mentions:

The latest from Stefan Smith, Cave In, Oxide, Cloud Rat, Dead Cross