Metal Insider’s Zenae Zukowski’s Top 23 albums of 2021

Posted by on December 29, 2021



19) Carcass, Torn Arteries (Nuclear Blast)

Carcass are back, and their latest album rips. Well worth an eight-year wait and filled with guttural surprises.  

Key Track: “Flesh Ripping Sonic Torment Limited”





18) Unto Others, Strength (Roadrunner)

I was pleasantly surprised with this album. Formerly known as Idle Hands, Unto Others have once again brought back the old post-punk/darkwave era, pairing darkness with upbeat melodies that will instantly catch your attention over and over again (check out our Headbangers’ Brawl review). 

Key Track: “No Children Laughing Now”




17) At The Gates, The Nightmare of Being (Century Media)

While a bit crisper and cleaner than 2018’s To Drink From The Night Itself, The Nightmare of Being cuts in deep with pessimism, hopelessness, and mesmerizing hooks from beginning to end (check out my interview).   

Key Track: “The Paradox”




16) Moonspell, Hermitage (Napalm)

Moonspell can do no wrong. While Hermitage moves slower than their prior efforts, it’s powerful, filled with melancholy, and probably the top three 2021 albums that I listened to the most (check out my interview and review).

Key Track: “The Hermit Saints”




15) Beast In Black, Dark Connection (Nuclear Blast)

Anton Kabanen getting fired from Battle Beast was probably the best thing that could happen to him and us. Between Beast in Black and Battle Beast, two powerful Finnish heavy metal bands keep pushing their limits, making one masterpiece after the next. And with Beast In Black reaching album number three with Dark Connection, they have perfected their sound and unleashed one of the best power metal records of the year (check out my interview). 

Key Track: “Highway to Mars”


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