Metal Insider’s Top 5 Songs to Lose Your Sh*t To

Posted by on August 18, 2021

Photo Credit: Jeff Katz


You’re cruising down the highway while your favorite song hits the speakers. You crank up the volume just in time for your favorite part, you turn it up to 11, crank up the bass, and your arms poise to mercilessly bash out the rhythm on your battered, defenseless steering wheel. It’s a moment of pure audio euphoria as you scream along at the top of your lungs, your foot dangerously close to flooring the gas as your entire body explodes in sonic ecstasy to the greatest musical moment in the world.


What metal song are you listening to? Here are the ones that we nearly get into an accident over:


05) Lamb of God – “Contractor”

It’s the bass n’ drums breakdown at 1:20 that sets the stage. The calm before the storm as the bassline throbs for two drawn-out bars, before the chainsaw guitars pick up the riff, and Randy Blythe’s voice crashes back in – “Someone has got to diiiiiiiiiiiie.” LOG has no lack of crushers, but this one stands above them all in terms of pure lose-your-shi*t insanity.


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