I’m back and this time with a top 10 list of 2022. Is my list predictable? Perhaps, but it doesn’t change the fact that these albums absolutely destroyed 2022. Enjoy!


10) Devin Townsend, Lightwork (InsideOut)

What’s there to say? It’s the mighty and prolific Devin Townsend. An easy to listen to 10 track album along with another disc of B-sides and demos. The mix and production for this record are what really drives this effort forward.

Key Track: “Equinox”



09) Revocation, Netherheaven (Metal Blade)

I’ve always been a casual listener of Revocation, while never getting really attached to any specific record, but rather enjoying several songs overall. However, Netherheaven is a fantastic album from top to bottom. Guitarist and vocalist Dave Davidson has never sounded better and every song makes you want to mosh. A special shoutout to “Re-Crucified,” featuring the late Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder. This may be one of his final appearances and it makes it a bit more special.

Key Track: “Re-Crucified”



08) Moon Tooth, Phototroph (Pure Noise)

Hailing all the way from Long Island, the talented Moon Tooth joins my top 10 list. There are many reasons to love this record but guitarist Nick Lee really shines on this record. His style of play is unmatched and his guitar tone is key to the band’s identity. I’d be remiss if I didn’t recognize vocalist John Carbone and his stellar performance. His vocal chops are one to me admired but most frontmen.

Key Track: “I Revere”



07) Ibaraki, Rashomon (Nuclear Blast)

Trivium’s Matt Heafy finally released his solo record and named it after a terrifying Japanese demon, how black metal is that? The guest appearances on this record are great and really bring the songs to life. A very interesting departure from the Trivium sound that solidified his career.

Key Track: “Rōnin”




06) Lamb Of God, Omens (Epic)

Honestly, what’s there to say about a Lamb of God record that hasn’t been said before? Willie Adler and Mark Morton keep supplying good time high-energy licks and maintain their succinct dual wielding guitars. These 30 year vets continue to crush with every release and still find ways to progress their sound. Vocalist Randy Blythe still sounds as pissed off as ever and drummer Art Cruz has really come into his own with the band. Omens was a great successor to their self-titled record.

Key Track: “Ditch”